Friday, 5 December 2014

Island 268 - Eilean Mor, Glenborrodale, Ardnamurchan, Highland

Eilean Mor is a tidal island located at Glenmore a couple of miles west of Glenborrodale on the Ardnamurchan Peninsula.  The hardest thing about getting there is the long and very winding single track road from Salen.  When I visited the road was quite busy and the locals seem to drive along it quite fast, so you have to concentrate very hard. 

Eilean Mor isn't cut off for long at each high tide and it is very easy to pick your way through the bog to get to it.  The name means Big Island and it is reasonably large - 1 kilometre long by about 500 metres wide at the widest point and 40 metres high at the highest point in the south of the island.  It is obviously grazed by cattle, as there were lots of cow pats but I saw no cows.  The northern part of the island is covered in rough grass, heather, scabious and bracken.  There is an area of woodland in the south east corner of the island.

The Nadurra Visitor Centre (formerly known as the Ardnamurchan Natural History Centre) is located half a mile to the north of Eilean Mor.  As well as an exhibition about the natural history of the area, they have a gift shop and an excellent tearoom.  I was very pleased that their cream tea is served with clotted cream.  Living as I do in the south west of England a cream tea is only a genuine cream tea if it is served with clotted cream but quite often outside the SW it is served with squirty cream.

Looking north towards Glenmore and the Nadurra Visitor Centre from Eilean Mor

Looking west from Eilean Mor along the Arnamurchan Peninsula

Looking south towards the island of Oronsay

Looking east towards Glenborrodale.  Eilean Mor is on the right hand of the photo.

Looking south towards Eilean Mor from the mainland at Glenmore

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