Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Island 273 - Outer Holm, Orkney Mainland

Outer Holm is an uninhabited tidal island, which lies to the south of Inner Holm.  It is joined to Inner Holm at low tide by a stony causeway, which is about 200 metres long and very easy to cross.  The island is covered in lush grass and is surrounded by a barbed wire fence, presumably to keep grazing animals in, although there were none present when I visited in mid June 2015Outer Holm is slightly larger than Inner Holm at about 400 metres from north to south by 200 metres from east to west.  The highest point on the island is 8 metres above sea level.

 Outer Holm with Inner Holm beyond from the Scrabster to Stromness Ferry
 Causeway from  Inner to Outer Holm.  The mountains of Hoy can be seen in the background

 At some point in the past someone has gone to a great deal of trouble to construct a stone wall around part of the Outer Holm coastline.
 Outer Holm

 Outer Holm

Low cliffs on the eastern side of Outer Holm.  Looking south, thrift in flower.

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