Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Island 281 - Eilean Creagach, Talmine, Highland

Eilean Creagach is linked to the mainland by a concrete causeway.  It forms the outer part of the small harbour at the small village of Talmine on the west coast of Tongue Bay.  It is a rocky island topped with grass and thrift.  The island is round and about 100 metres in diameter.  Its highest point is about 10 metres above sea level.  The remains of a navigation cairn or beacon are located on the summit of the island.  The island's rocks are covered in pale grey/green, orange, black and white lichens.

 Talmine Harbour from Eilean Creagach

 Talmine village from Eilean Creagach

 Talmine Harbour and Eilean Creagach

Back of Talmine Harbour and Eilean Creagach.  Looking south across a field of daisies, orchids and birds foot trefoil

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