Sunday, 9 July 2017

Island 383 - North Holm, Ling Ness, Shetland

North Holm is an uninhabited small tidal island located to the north of the headland of Ling Ness off the east coast of Shetland Mainland in the area called South Nesting.  It is a walk of about 1 km from the council road down a track, which leads to an isolated house on Ling Ness.  Thankfully there didn't seem to be anyone at home when I visited one evening in mid June 2017, as you are in full view of the house while visiting North Holm.  Ling Ness is obviously visited by people, as there was a "Welcome to Ling Ness" sign painted on an broken down old van and another hand painted sign requesting that you keep your dugs on a lead (I think that is the local word for dogs).  However I had the place to myself, apart from a herd of cattle, who were nowhere to be seen when I walked down the track but when I walked back up, they all ran towards me.  I hopped over a wire fence and walked through a bog to get away from them, although I think they were just curious.

North Holm is accessible at low tide across a 15 metre long rocky seaweed covered causeway.   Yes, it was a bit slippery!  There were a few pools of shallow water hidden by the seaweed.  It was a short scramble up on to the top of the island, which is grass covered and flat.  Bird's foot trefoil, spring squill and thrift were in flower.  There is a small pool of water on top of the island, which is about 100 metres in diameter.  I heard a snipe drumming with its wings while I was on the island.

Notice at Farm on road by the start of the track
Welcome to Ling Ness
North Holm
Top of North Holm looking north towards North Nesting
Small pool of water - looking south towards the only house on Ling Ness from North Holm
House at Ling Ness from North Holm

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