Sunday, 28 August 2016

Island 340 - Fort Houmet Herbé, Alderney, Channel Islands

Fort Houmet Herbé is a tidal island located about 200 metres off the north east coast of Alderney.  It is accessible at low tide.  There is a manmade causeway across the rocks for about two thirds of the way and then it is a case of picking your way carefully across the rocks, which are at an awkward diagonal angle and trying not to slip on any seaweed or put your foot in a rock pool.  When you make it to the entrance, there are no steps, so you have to climb up a 6 foot high wall to get into the fort.  Getting in was easy enough, as there were a couple of handy foot holds but getting out was more tricky, as you can't see where to place your feet.  The fort is in a very derelict state.

Once in the fort you can wander round the rooms and go up some stairs to the first floor.  However the ground floor is very overgrown and the surface uneven and it is difficult to see where you are putting your feet.  There is a fireplace in one of the rooms.  The first floor is less overgrown but there are some very deep holes you could step right into if you aren't paying attention to where you put your feet.  Lots of wildflowers were in bloom when I visited in July 2016.

The name Houme Herbé translates into English as "grassy islet".  The fort was built in the 1850s and was probably finished c1854.

Fort Houmet Herbé at low tide

Fireplace on the ground floor of Fort Houmet Herbé
The first floor of Fort Houmet Herbé
Remains of gun emplacement
Gun emplacement
Gun Emplacement
View from the first floor
Ground floor
Main entrance
Looking out of the main entrance towards Alderney

Fort Houmet Herbé
Fort Houmet Herbé from Alderney

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