Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Island 368 - Rossroe/An Ros, County Galway

Rossroe (An Ros in Irish) is a small round island linked by a short bridge to the west side of the Carraroe Peninsula.  The island is about 700 metres in diameter.  There are no signposts to it off the road to Carraroe, so bring a map if you want to find it.   The road leading to the island has grass growing up the middle of it and my satnav denied all knowledge of the existence of the island and had me driving over the sea.

The council maintained road on Rossroe ends at a small slipway on the east coast of the island. However there was nowhere to turn round without entering private property and I had to do a 10 point turn between a dry stone wall and a drop into the sea. 

There are about 6 houses on the island, which is low lying.  A pony in a field came over to say hello and I could hear some children playing but I didn't see any of the island's residents.

End of the road on the east coast
 Looking south from the slipway
Looking south towards the bridge
Looking west from the bridge
Local resident - is this a Connemara Pony?
Houses on the east coast of Rossroe

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