Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Island 371 - Glassillan, Inishbofin, County Galway

Glassillan is a very small tidal island permanently linked to the south side of Inishbofin's East Bay by a broken rocky causeway.  However at low tide it is much easier to walk along the beach to the island.  The remains of fish curing station can be seen on the island, which is no more than about 50 metres in diameter.

The Congested Districts Board was set up in 1891 to develop economic activity in the poorest areas of Ireland and those most badly affected by the great famine of the 1850s.  They established the herring and mackerel curing station on Glassillan in 1897.  They also built another curing station at the Old Pier at the east end of Bofin Harbour.  I'm haven't been able to find out when they stopped being used. The curing station and causeway at Glassillan were badly damaged in the storms of 2014.

Looking south down the broken causeway

Ruins of the Curing Station on Glassillan

Glassillan from East End Bay Beach

Ruined Curing Station

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