Thursday, 10 August 2017

Island 390 - Holm of East Burrafirth, Shetland

Holm of East Burrafirth is a small uninhabited (except by visiting sheep) tidal island located to the south west of the hamlet of East Burrafirth. It is close to a house but to avoid walking near the house I parked at the end of the road and walked across moorland down to the shore, over one wire fence and then along the shoreline to the tidal causeway.  This was covered in seaweed but was not too slippery and only about 50 metres long.  Four sheep and their lambs were grazing on the island but they ran back to the mainland as soon as they saw me.  The island is low lying and covered in grass and no more than 100 metres in diameter.

Sheep on Holm of East Burrafirth running away from me!

Mussel farm? from East Burrafirth

Tidal causeway

Holm of East Burrafirth from Mainland

Holm of East Burrafirth from across the bay

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