Friday, 11 August 2017

Island 391 - Skeo Taing, Shetland

Skeo Taing is a tiny uninhabited low lying tidal island located just over 2 miles north west of the village of Skeld on the west coast of Shetland Mainland.  It is really too small to count as an island but it is intriguing, as it is surrounded by a drystone wall and has lots of upright wooden posts.  My only thought is that it is sometimes used as a sheep pen.  It is certainly grazed by sheep, as the grass was closely cropped but I can't understand why you would use a tidal island as a sheep pen?

Shetland Mainland from Skeo Taing
Skeo Taing with its encircling drystone wall
Causeway to Skeo Taing from Shetland Mainland

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