Thursday, 2 November 2017

Island 408 - Rinn Raithní, County Donegal

Rinn Raithní is a small tidal island with a cottage on it. It is located a mile to the north west of the small town of Burtonport in The Rosses area of County Donegal.  It is approximately 400 metres from north to south and east to west at its widest points and it is accessible at low tide across 400 metres of sandy mud.  The mud was solid and can obviously be driven over at low tide, as I followed the tracks of a car out to it.  The island is covered in rough grass and heather with some rocky outcrops.

Cottage on Rinn Raithní

Cottage on Rinn Raithní from the neighbouring uninhabited island

View from the driveway of the cottage on Rinn Raithní

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