Thursday, 2 November 2017

Island 407 - Oileán Dhiarmada, County Donegal

Oileán Dhiarmada is a small tidal island only about 100 metres in diameter with a small grey bungalow and a static caravan on it.  It is located a mile to the north west of the small town of Burtonport off the west coast of The Rosses area of County Donegal.  It is accessible at low tide across 200 metres of solid sandy mud.  I followed the car tracks, which led to the neighbouring bigger island of Rinn Raithní,  as I am always a bit dubious about how soft mud is.  There was no one at home in the static caravan or the bungalow.  The island is covered in rough grass with patches of heather.

Bungalow on Oileán Dhiarmada

Bungalow and Shed

Static Caravan

Slipway on the mainland from Oileán Dhiarmada

Rinn  Raithní from Oileán Dhiarmada

Oileán Dhiarmada from the mainland
Oileán Dhiarmada from the mainland

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