Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Island 265 - Sgeirean na Corra-gribhich, Arisaig, Highland

I have no idea how Sgeirean na Corra-gribhich is pronounced!  It is a small tidal island on the north side of the bay at Portnaluchaig two miles to the north of Arisaig and is linked to the mainland by a tombolo of light grey muddy sand.  It can be accessed easily without the need to scramble over any rocks or slippery seaweed.

The island is in 3 parts, which are connected to each other at low tide.   The eastern most part is sandy and covered in marram grass and other grasses, thistles, harebells, thrift and scabious.  The middle section, which is the largest, is covered in bracken, heather, juniper, gorse, short birch trees.  I spotted one rhododendron and one very small oak tree. The western half is little more than a rock covered in a small amount of grass.

Looking west from the end of Sgeirean na Corra-gribhich with Eigg and Rum in the distance

Looking east

Looking north

Looking north up the bay towards Sgeirean na Corra-gribhich

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