Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Island 266 - Eilean Toigal, Morar, Highland

Eilean Toigal is a small round tidal island in Morar Bay a couple of miles south of Mallaig.  I was informed by the owner of the B&B in Arisaig where I stayed that it is pronounced to rhyme with Dougal.  It can be accessed off the A830 Morar Bypass.  There is a large layby on the northbound carriageway and just to the north of it there is a sign saying To the Beach, which goes down some well made stone steps.  I made the assumption that if the beach was advertised as a place to visit then the sands probably weren't going to be quicksand.   From the bottom of the steps it is about 500 metres to Eilean Toigal.

I visited on a very wet murky day, so the famous Silver Sands of Morar weren't looking their best.  However I really liked the island. It is obviously visited by people from time to time, as there was a faint path leading up from the south east corner of the island.  The island is mainly covered in heather and bracken with some birch and pine trees, 1 small oak tree and a few rhododendron bushes.  The whole island is covered in a thick carpet of moss and is very boggy.

 Sign by the layby near the steps to the beach.  I don't know how common rhinoceroses are in these parts!
 The centre of Eilean Toigal

 Eilean Toigal from the eastern side of Morar Bay

Looking south towards Eilean Toigal

Looking north west towards the mouth of Morar Bay
Eilean Toigal

Looking north from Toigal towards Eilean Toigal at high tide on a sunny day in June 2016


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