Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Island 303 - Goat Island/Eilean na Gobhail, Stornoway, Lewis

Goat Island or Eilean na Gobhail is permanently linked to Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis by a causeway.  The island and the causeway act as a harbour wall.   There are several industrial units on Goat Island, so it isn't the prettiest of islands. Public access is limited to the road and the foreshore on the north side of the island and there are currently no resident goats.  I noticed a few wild flowers e.g. thrift, birds foot trefoil, scurvy grass, kidney vetch, fox & cubs, cuckoo flower, buttercups and ladies mantle.

English Civil War
In 1653 during the occupation of Stornoway by Cromwellian forces, Goat Island was used as a fort to protect the harbour from attack. The main armoury, comprising two great guns and four sliding pieces, was taken from the Old Stornoway Castle.  There is a plaque on the island commemorating this event.

 The Causeway to Goat Island

 The centre of Goat Island


 The shoreline of the north side of Goat Island with a cruise ship in the distance

 Looking east down the causeway

 The Cromwellian Fort Plaque

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