Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Island 305 - Eilean Druim an Tolla, Finsbay, Harris

Eilean Druim an Tolla is a small tidal island about 15 metres off the east coast of Harris near the hamlet of Boirseam, which is near the slightly larger settlement of Finsbay.  The gap between Harris and the island is no more than about 20 metres and it looked like it would only be covered by high spring tides.  The island is only about 150 metres in diameter.

The walk to the island from the nearest parking is only about 600 metres but there is no path, there are a couple of ascents and descents and there are areas of heather and bog to negotiate.  I visited in mid June after a dry spring and the bogs were largely dry but I doubt they are often like this.

The island is low lying and the grass is closely grazed by sheep, who were present during my visit and unusually didn't run away from me. The only flowers I saw were tormentil.

 Looking east towards Eilean Druim an Tolla

 Looking east from the end of Eilean Druim an Tolla

 Pile of rocks on Eilean Druim an Tolla

 One of the resident sheep

 The gap between Harris and Eilean Druim an Tolla

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