Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Island 322 - Seana Bhaile/Fraoch Eilean, Grimsay, Outer Hebrides

I'm not sure if this island is called Seana Bhaile or Fraoch Eilean.  On the 1:25,000 scale Ordnance Survey map Seana Bhaile is written in larger letters than Fraoch Eilean, although the latter sounds like a more likely name for an island.  Fraoch means "heather" in Gaelic.  The island is linked by a short causeway to the island of Grimsay. It is about a mile long roughly east to west but only about 500 metres from north to south at its widest point.  There are about 6 houses on the island and half a mile of council maintained road.  There is a small loch in the middle of it called Loch Nighe. My satnav denied all knowledge of the island's existence and showed me driving over the sea!

 South coast from the end of the road looking west
 Looking south west towards the causeway

 House on the south side of the island near the causeway

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