Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Island 327 - Orasaigh, South Uist

The name Orasaigh means "tidal island" and this one was easily accessed across a beach of silver sand just over half a mile west of the hamlet of South Boisdale.  The sand was a bit soft in places.  According to the Ordnance Survey map there is a council maintained metalled road almost as far as the shore.  However in practice after leaving the hamlet of North Boisdale, the road deteriorated into a potholed track.  It was driveable with care but I parked my car next to the old burial ground and walked the rest of the way, passing some kind of junk yard on the way to the beach.  On a sunny day it was a pleasant level stroll.  Halfway across to the island there is a rock and a small jetty has been built on to it.

Orasaigh is roughly round in shape and rises to a height of 30 metres.  It is about 450 metres in diameter.  The island is mainly covered in grass.  I spotted two different types of orchids, ragged robin, tormentil, birds foot trefoil, yellow iris and buttercups.  

On my walk back to the car I heard my first ever corncrake, rasping away somewhere in the machair, so my visit will be particularly memorable for this reason.

 Orasaigh from South Uist

 South Uist from Orasaigh

 Looking north east towards the hills of South Uist

 Looking south from Orasaigh towards Garrynamonie

 Orasaigh from jetty

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