Thursday, 21 July 2016

Island 329 - Torogaigh, North Uist

Torogaigh is a small very low lying uninhabited tidal island, which you pass at low tide on Vallay Strand on your way to the larger island of Vallay.  The route to Vallay passes to the right of Torogaigh, which is about 1 kilometre north of North Uist.  The island is an irregular shape but is about 250 metres by 200 metres at its widest point.

I identified two kinds of orchids in flower, thrift, wild thyme, clover and buttercups, which were all in flower during my short visit in mid June 2016.

 Looking north towards Vallay

I think this plant is hogweed (not the giant variety)
Looking south towards North Uist

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