Saturday, 7 July 2018

Island 418 - Annagh Island West, County Mayo

Annagh Island is located 4 miles west of the town of Westport in County Mayo on the south side of Clew Bay.  It has three parts called Annagh Island West, Middle and East, which I think are only joined together at low tide and so would count as 3 separate island.  I only visited Annagh Island West, as I didn't want to disturb the sheep grazing in the fields and there was a section of soft mud on the outside of the field wall, which was impassable. 

I initially tried to access Annagh Island from the nearby Killdangan/Killadangan Stone Row, across the salt marsh but the ground was soft and there were too many water filled sections to cross safely, so I went back to the car, drove a bit further west and then walked north along a shingle ridge.  This was a much easier way.

All three Annagh Islands are very odd shapes with lots of bulges and arms.  The western island curves in an easterly direction, the middle island curves towards the south east and the eastern island curves to the north.  The beach on the west side of all three islands is called Sruffanbaun Strand.
Shed on Annagh Island West
Sheep grazing on Annagh Island West
Looking north over Annagh Island West
Looking north east towards Annagh Island Middle
Impassable soft mud
Annagh Island West from Killiagaunummera

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